Our veterinary clinic in Cayyolu, Umitkoy, Alacaatli, Turkkonut region has been serving since 2014 with its expert staff and advanced veterinary hospital equipments.


Petzone Veterinary Clinic is designed to give the feeling of ideal home environment for cats and dogs and not to disturb them. It is among our priorities that cats and dogs come to the veterinary clinic without fear.


"We are very glad and trust every time we go. There are people in our clinic who approach all our friends with true love, whether they are at home or on the street. Thank you again for everything."
Serhan Pehlivanoglu
"Thanks to Petzone Ümitköy Veterinarian Mrs. Ece Karaca for her benevolence. Two legs of a 3-5 month old puppy that we found on the street were broken. She made all the necessary first aid with all the meticulousness. She made the necessary first intervention. THANKS TO THE PETZONE VETERINARY CLINIC . MERT-BETUL-SEMA "
Mert Aygun
"A team that satisfies you very much in the face of your questions and proves this in the way it does it. Reis and we thank you very much. My feet are healthier and happier now."
Togan Surmenelioglu
"A clinic full of excellent service, friendly welcome and dozens of pluses you can't count."
Emre Gul
"A clinic that works meticulously for the health of your pet children with a team of experts. All my cat children and I love chief physician Ece!😊🙏"
Basak Ucak
"We use the cat house every time we go, they are very clean and take good care of our puppies. We are glad. Thank you..."
Zeynep Onder
Hello, the friendliest vet I have ever seen in my life. Loves animals and helpful. Thank you so much for caring and owning our street buddy that nobody took care after a traffic accident.
Cagatay Sayar
Mrs. Ece is a wonderful person and a very good veterinarian. Although my house is almost 1 hour away from the clinic, I bring my dog to Petzone Veterinary Clinic for health conditions pet hotel. I trust her in everything. I highly recommend it. You will understand what I mean when you know the lady Ece and when you see the petzone veterinary clinic. 👍"
Yasemin Sagiroglu
PetZone Veterinary Clinic vets are very friendly and concerned 🐱"
Yasemin Arpac
"The most relevant, knowledgeable, and animal-loving clinic I have ever seen in Ankara. Thanks Petzone."
Safa Burakhan
"Very successful in care, skill and cleanliness"
Barcin Gumus
"Ece and her team looked after my very sick puppy very well. I would definitely recommend Petzone Veterinary Clinic."
Haydar Uysal
"Thank you for your interest. A place where I brought my friend with trust :)"
Nihal Yalcin
"A warm environment where you can bring your friends."
Onursal Yilmaz

Petzone Veterinary Clinic

Petzone Veterinary Clinic, which provides Veterinary Clinic Services in Ankara, Umitkoy, Cayyolu, Alacaatli, Turkkonut, Yasamkent, Dodurga, Beytepe, Mutlukent, Koru Sitesi, Beysukent, Angora, Incek, Baglica via expert veterinarians and fully equipped modern medical devices.

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